Led high bay light fixtures and fitting

led high bay light fixtures

Technics invent the led high bay light, but the common user can not all have the chance to learn how to fix them, so find a good helper to make led high bay light fixtures is a necessity and it make the people who do not have the professional knowledge and experiences about high bay led light can overcome this problem.

There are a lot of choices when you want to find a good led high bay light fixtures or fitting, e.g. asking your shopping store owner where have this kind of technicians or find the telephone on the yellow paper to make a direct communication with an expert, but maybe neither will find the perfect and easy way, because the time and even the commercial causes often make all the things in a mass.

led high bay light fixtures

Zhihai lighting have through the years of simple imitation from others about the led high bay light fixtures, now no matter manufacture or fixtures/ fitting of the led high bay light all become a system inside the company, we can not grantee all the problems you met can be solved by us, but we are assure that in the field of led high bay light, the knowledge of us will never beside the others in the top list.

Technology and quality are always playing key roles in the Zhihai philosophy, we are proud to hold the “Xi’an LED Lighting
Engineering Laboratory” which is authorized and supported by China National Development and Reform Commission. Alongside
this, we hold the “Shaanxi LED Lighting Technology and Research Center” which is authorized and supported by China National
Science and Technology Ministry.
Till 2014 we have 384 patents and more than 300 patents are pending, the patents include the LED chips packaging, power
supply controlling and design of lamp housing. We worked with ISO-9001 quality control system since 2001, the products are UL,
TUV, CE, SAA, C-tick and RoHS certificated.